Global Employment Trends 2012: Preventing a deeper jobs crisis

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   Global Employment Trends 2012: Preventing a deeper jobs crisis
The annual Global Employment Trends report offers the latest global and regional information and projections on several indicators of the labour market, including employment, unemployment, working poverty and vulnerable employment. It also presents a number of policy considerations in light of the new challenges facing policy makers in the coming year.


Type:     Report
Date issued:     24 January 2012
Reference:     978-92-2-124924-5[ISBN]
Authors:     The Global Employment Trends report is a yearly publication of the Employment Trends unit of the ILO Employment Sector.
Format available:     120 pp.
Prices:     CHF 30; USD 35; GBP 22; EUR 25
Support medium:     Paperback


The annual Global Employment Trends (GET) reports provide the latest global and regional estimates of employment and unemployment, employment by sector, vulnerable employment, labour productivity and working poverty, while also analysing country-level issues and trends in the labour market.

Based on the most recently available data and taking into account macroeconomic trends and forecasts, the GET reports seek to shed light on current labour market trends and challenges. The reports build on the Key Indicators of the Labour Market and include a consistent set of tables with regional and global estimates of labour market indicators. Each report contains a short-term labour market outlook, focusing on unemployment, vulnerable employment and working poverty.

The Global Employment Trends 2012 takes stock of labour market developments and emerging challenges as the world continues to struggle to forge a sustainable recovery from the global economic and jobs crisis.



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